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He’s super fun. Filthy and flirtatious. Unshockable. He could be intimidating and without thought you raise your game around Charles. - Lena Headey

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Every day I inch perilously closer to just writing fan fiction. 

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Pokémon in the real world (x)

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The more I think about it, the more I think the tenth Doctor is demisexual. You put him in a romantic situation with Rose, and he’s generally up for it.

"This is my Rose. I want to smooch and cuddle her, because she is my Rose."

Anybody who isn’t Rose hits on him, and he gets confused and flustered. “Why do you find me attractive? You’re not my Rose. Stop finding me attractive. I’m scared.”

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me not trusting kuviras shady ass

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Don’t bro where I can’t follow

MANwise Gamgee to BROdo Baggins (via thelilnan)

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